Referral Fees Are For Touts

The acceptance by an Advocate and Solicitor (“Introducer”) of any form of payment (such as commission) from any person merely for introducing clients to such person without the provision of legal services by the Introducer, is tantamount to touting on the part of the Introducer. Likewise, an Advocate and Solicitor shall not make any form of payment to any person for introducing clients to such Advocate and Solicitor. Provided that this Ruling shall not prohibit …

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Standing Out

A drip of bright yellow on a dark blue canvas. An irresistable turn of the head. Contrast. Everybody’s vibing cynical and pessimistic. You turn up honest and hopeful. That’s a lit candle in the dark. Even the darkness can feel its warmth. Contrast. So many talk spin, stretch, bend, hedge, twist, clever, and sale. They can’t tell it straight and true. You do. Others resonate. Contrast. Everyone’s doing what everybody else’s doing. Like call speeches. …

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Hanging with the Seniors

I notice these days that the pupils, interns and fresh lawyers don’t hang out with seniors, even when they have the opportunity to. Or even if they do, they don’t stay long. Excusing themselves politely on the account of work or something or other. I am sure the mumbled ramblings of those of my vintage and beyond when we get together are dismissed as old uncle talk, and, therefore, not worth sitting around for. I …

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