Unequal Adversaries

I recently had to battle against a witness for a criminal matter in the Selayang magistrates’ court.

Referral Fees Are For Touts

The acceptance by an Advocate and Solicitor (“Introducer”) of any form of payment (such as commission) from any person merely for introducing clients to such person without the provision of …

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Electing No Case to Answer

I felt a deep need to prove myself in my early years of practice. If I could show how clever I was, I would. It was, therefore, fortunate that I …

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Extension of Time Agreements and Applications

This is one of the applications I dislike, if not dread. The application appears administratively innocuous. However, the legal implications of losing one can be severe. The basis of every …

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A short guide to applying for leave to appeal

This is an approach to preparing an application for leave to appeal. An appeal is a request to a higher court to rehear and review the court below’s decision (‘the …

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