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Starting with Settlement

Whenever I am at the start of a dispute, I explore whether it can be amicably settled. As much as possible. Especially when the potential for that is palpable. Sometimes, …

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Reading to Resonate

I submitted a proposal to a local publisher to publish a collection of my From the Bar Stool essays sometime last year. I was delightfully surprised when they replied with …

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Unequal Adversaries

I recently had to battle against a witness for a criminal matter in the Selayang magistrates’ court.

Freedom of Religion’s Importance

Article 5 of the Federal Constitution (‘FC’) is said to be the most important of the fundamental liberties. (1) No person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty …

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The Trapped Muslims of Malaysia

They are not the munafiqun; the hypocrites that outwardly claim to be Muslim but inwardly conceal disbelief and seek to undermine the Muslim community. The hypocrites are considered worse than …

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Buying Property Early in Life

After a year or so of drawing a salary as a legal assistant in my father’s firm, my mother told me I was buying a house. That surprised me since …

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The Crowning Glory of a Legal Career

When I studied law and started my legal practice in Malaysia, I thought being appointed a judge would be the crowning glory of my career. And by judge, I am …

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Referral Fees Are For Touts

The acceptance by an Advocate and Solicitor (“Introducer”) of any form of payment (such as commission) from any person merely for introducing clients to such person without the provision of …

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Chief Justices of Malaysia

Below are those who served as Lord President or Chief Justice, the highest legal position in the judiciary, in sequence with their duration in office.