The Firm

A Resolutely Major Generalist

Sometime last year, a lawyer friend called me up. We’ve known each other for some time. After exchanging pleasantries, he told me he had a matter he needed help with. ‘I thought of bringing you in. But then I realized that I didn’t know your practice area. Sorry for not knowing despite knowing you for so many years.’ ‘Aiyah, no worries lah. My practice area… How about this? Why don’t you tell me what help …

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The Seven Qualities of Indispensability

For me, the one quality that gets anyone hired, liked, nurtured, feted and even championed is indispensability. You can make a persuasive case for your hire if you cultivate this quality. Whatever your profession, employment or job. To be indispensable is to be essential, necessary, and integral to something. Being indispensable is to be part of the nucleus. It is commonly associated with salutary qualities such as reliability, sensibility, competency, credibility, loyalty, motivation and initiative. …

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Dressing for work

At the firm atelier, the lawyers have a dynamic but relaxed dress code. What we have to wear depends on what we have scheduled for the day. If we have no court attendance or client meetings that day, we come in casual. Slacks, jeans, shirts, t-shirts, collared, with, without, dresses, baju kurung, whatever. It’s fine. Only shorts and risqué wear require prior approval. We allow for it because I like dressing casually for days in …

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