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From The Atelier

Hafiz Hajeedar was recommended to me by my brother-in-law, who is a good friend of the artist. Hafiz is a full-time artist who has exhibited his works. I checked out his portfolio and liked what I saw. There’s a sense of energy and unexpectedness to his work. You never know what you are going to get, but you know it will be thoughtful, playful, and have a shimmer about it.

For this piece, Hafiz did not discuss it with me or ask me what I wanted. Once done, he sent it to me. It arrived deftly wrapped in a lovely sarong, all held together by a large baby pin. Unwrapping it stirs excitement because of the anticipation. I was looking for something like that. You are the artist – render me your vision, I will accept it, or at least understand it. I liked his confidence. I was terribly pleased when it finally arrived.

I love how vibrant and beautiful he makes the occasion of Aizat and I taking a chance on each other. He makes it mythical. The complexity and uncertainty of our continuing together and the challenges of my decision are represented by the variety of patterns on the dark coloured robe. The potential of our relationship to thrive and enrich us surrounds us in a glow of yellow, gold, and orange with the words of the essay persisting in the background, occasionally surfacing to proclaim the essay’s theme.

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