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Branding and Reputation | From the Atelier

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Branding and Reputation

I commissioned Emily Wee for this piece. I did a short write-up about Emily here where I feature her other piece for me. You will find her portfolio and contact there too.

This was a difficult one for me to conceive visually. I thought Emily appropriate because of her corporate background. I figured she knew all about the spin and sell. She could grasp the thrust of my theme.

I am terribly pleased with Emily’s piece. I think she captured and complemented my essay’s theme beautifully.

I love how Emily’s contrast of beauty reflects the contrast between branding and reputation. To Emily, though both have a beauty about them; but they differ significantly from each other. One, has a bright, colourful and eye catching immediacy to it whereas the other has a gentler, warmer and more lasting sense about it. Her use of the path narrowing and fading into the distance reflects the journey of establishing a reputation compared to branding’s shock of flowers which have no stems and darkens its colleagues and competitors until they are no longer visible.

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