From the Atelier

From The Atelier (FTA) is the visual aesthetic dimension of From the Bar Stool.

The goal of FTA is two-fold.

The first is to explore and articulate the visual aesthetic dimension of my essays.

The second is to work with, support, and promote in a small way our local artists, illustrators, and designers, particularly those starting out, whom I have had the pleasure and privilege of commissioning.

How it works is the artist first reads the essay I assign. They are then supposed to create an artwork that reflects the themes or narrative elements of the essay. I am happy to work with the artist in whichever way they work best and to go with their style; we can collab or not. I am, though, quite happy to leave it entirely to the artist.

The exciting thing about this initiative for me is to see how my essays are translated into a visual medium and see what they look like through the lenses of those with strong artistic intent.

I assembled the artworks I commissioned and published below. Each time a new artwork is debuted, it will be added to the gallery below. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have had to commission and assemble them. I will be adding them whenever I have something new to update.

I am always looking for artists to work with. I don’t expect free work. I remunerate reasonably and so long as I can afford it. If you know any and would like to recommend them to me, or you are an artist and would like to work with me, please get in touch through the contact page. Thank you!