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From the Atelier

I met Nuriman Manap (Iman) through my secondary school friend, Yong Foo Seng, who saw my call out for artists on Facebook and LinkedIn. Foo Seng is Iman’s agent. He sent me Iman’s portfolio on art and book illustrations. I loved them. Iman works across a diversity of mediums.

Initially, I commissioned Iman to prepare the art for part one of the Hasan Ali and Me series. I was blown away by Iman’s sensitivity, depth of feeling, and beauty of vision despite the tragic melancholy themes. Iman really gave me a sense that he reached in and felt not just the boy in the story but those around him too.

I have put up the first piece of art Iman did for Part One. To see the second piece, you have to go to Hasan Ali and Me | Part One. When I told Iman I didn’t get the second piece, he responded as follows:

“I was capturing the feeling of a boy that has to face his uncertain future after hearing the verdict. Moving forward is not an easy thing to do without remembering what he did and looking back. He struggles with his mixed feelings of guilt and what to do next. He has to adopt a new normal for him later and we will not hear anything from him after that. But he’s always in our mind.”

I enclose his art and book illustration portfolios below for your consideration. If you need to get in touch with him, please get in touch with Foo Seng. Click his name above for the contact details.

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