Bila di Bawa Bincang | Episod 9 dan 7

So there was this time a couple of years ago, I was invited to be on one out of 13 episodes for a talk show series called Bawa Bincang. It was made for RTM TV1. The show featured lawyers discussing legal aspects of ‘topical issues’. Nothing heavy of course, but riveting stuff… You know, issues that get the heart pumping and the blood boiling. My interview was about car park issues.

The show was in Malay. I hesitated at first. I did not often do talks, speeches or interviews in Malay. It has always been in English. I thought it was an interesting mild challenge and might prove a bit of fun.

That interview is below.

It was shot on 5 February 2020. I don’t know whether it finally got aired since I don’t watch TV much. I infer it was aired sometime in October 2021 from a Facebook post by Messrs Hafiz Zabir & Rezal. I didn’t hear back from them until sometime this year when they just sent the clips over without much in the way of information.

As a bonus, I added another episode. It features my colleague Ameerul Aizat. He had to take over last minute when the originally assigned lawyer withdrew at the last minute. He was game enough to say yes. Although he doesn’t look it, he couldn’t sleep the night before! Hilarious stuff. It was his first time on air. But I think he pulled it off with aplomb.

Meor Addelan was a warm, welcoming and professional host. He made us feel comfortable and relaxed, and Aizat and I were grateful to him for that.

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