Coming around to conveyancing

When I worked in my father’s firm, I generally avoided conveyancing work i.e. sale and purchase transactions of landed property. However, every now and again, I would take on a file or two to do. I wanted to remind myself how the process worked. I worked on contracts for the sale and purchase of landed properties with titles and those without; with loans or without; apartments, houses, or land. No exotic animals or bizarre objects …

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Fee Undercutting

Recently the complaint of fee undercutting arose amidst the ongoing mutual recriminations between a section of the senior and junior members of the bar; a complaint that emanated from the senior lawyers are that junior members with newly set up their firms were responsible for the undercutting of fees. An understandable concern by the senior lawyers is when competition is fought mainly on price, quality inevitably takes a hit because it ceases to be a …

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‘Forget about clients’ money’

That was my father’s first piece of advice for me after I started practice. He gave that advice to every pupil that went through his firm. I don’t know whether he still does it anymore. “Bank it in, note when to pay it out, then forget about it. Those that keep looking at it or thinking about it are the ones that get into trouble. Even if you go bankrupt, or your family is starving, …

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