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If you have questions or want to talk about art and dining at Ol’ Skool Smokehouse, drop me a line here and I’ll be in touch.





In Case You Wonder


What's the blog about?

The Malaysian experience of law, legal practice and life and everything in between, as told by a Malaysian lawyer.

Why did he set up the blog?

As a place for him to share his thoughts, ideas, passions and to connect with like-minded people.

How often does he post?

Fahri posts once a week on Friday morning. He may post on other days when he feels like it.

Does he have physical pieces of the art he published?
Not for all the artwork; but the physically produced works are hung at Ol' Skool Smokehouse.
Does he want to hear from you?
Of course. Write to him at fahri@fromthebarstool.life.

Experience the art pieces
up close and personal.

Some of the commissioned art are installed in my restaurant called Ol’Skool Smokehouse here. Visit us to savor them in person.