From the Press

Here you’ll find my appearances and views as expressed in the media arranged from latest to oldest.

27.9.2021The 1MDB of M’sian dog shelter scams isn’t over yet. They gave proof. We checked.
13.9.2021There are at least 14 words non-Muslims are banned from saying under M’sia’s Syariah Law |
27.8.2021Maintaining Cabinet ‘status quo’ not necessarily a bad thing, say lawyers | The Star
26.8.2021Appoint the best and the brightest brains, PM urged | The Star
20.8.2021Asking Agong to form unity govt will set a dangerous precedent, say experts | The Malaysian Insight
17.8.2021A gentlemen’s agreement | The Star
17.8.2021Muhyiddin’s resignation may be lifeline for Malaysia, say political watchers | The Star
16.8.2021Caretaker PM’s role is to ‘keep the motor running’, say legal experts | The Star
14.8.2021SDs and letters of support unreliable, stick to confidence vote in Parliament, say lawyers | The Malay Mail
6.8.2021‘Takiyuddin should resign, not merely apologise.’ | The Sun Daily
5.8.2021General election may be only solution to impasse | The Sun Daily
28.7.2021Revocation of Emergency Ordinance should be done through gazette: Lawyers | The Sun Daily
27.7.2021VK Lingam fails again in bid to return to law practice | Free Malaysia Today
21.6.2021BFM: The Business Station – Podcast Evening Edition: Text Messages Surface Around Judicial Fixing Allegations
3.6.2021Court asks Ezra Zaid, Jais to negotiate compensation for wrongful Shariah prosecution over book | The Malay Mail
30.4.2021Will Putrajaya use surge in Covid-19 cases to extend emergency? | Free Malaysia Today
31.3.2021Take care of my kids, says ex-cop who killed step-daughter | Free Malaysia Today
31.3.2021Lawyers raise fears over govt’s free hand in the kitty | Free Malaysia Today
1.3.2021BFM: The Business Station – Podcast Evening Edition: Why We Should Be Able To Challenge Laws
20.2.2021Lawyers: Sugarbook just glorified ‘dating’ service, should not be policed for morality | Malaysia | The Malay Mail
11.2.2021Are we to just sing praises of PM, ask opposition MPs | Free Malaysia Today
10.2.2021BFM: The Business Station – Podcast Evening Edition: What Does The Law Say On Banning Books?
5.2.2021Lawyers divided over banning Thomas’ book | Free Malaysia Today
2.2.2021Neighbourhoods can legally block public roads in their |
31.1.2021Property experts, lawyers: No laws allow for condo management to make Covid-19 tests mandatory for residents | Malaysia | The Malay Mail
22.1.2021Trump pardoned an American involved in 1MDB. Will it affect investigations in Malaysia? (
15.1.2021Calling for Dewan sitting on emergency not ‘treason’ | Free Malaysia Today
14.1.2021Mais allowed to be pard of Sisters in Islam’s constitutional challenge of Selangor law on Shariah courts’ powers for judicial review | The Malay Mail
7.12.2020Landmark decision brings hope to owners of vehicles stolen at car parks | Free Malaysia Today
3.12.2020BFM: The Business Station – Podcast Evening Edition: Ten Gombak Voters Bring Azmin To Court
19.11.2020Should Budget 2021 fail, is a govt shutdown inevitable? Not quite, says constitutional experts | The Malay Mail
29.9.2020Federal Court rejects Jais’ bid to appeal against quashing of Shariah charges against Ezra | The Malay Mail
22.9.2020Top court grants Sisters in Islam leave to continue challenge against Selangor law allowing Shariah courts to decide on judicial reviews | The Malay Mail
24.7.2020Can Finas enforce licensing law on film producers in digital age? Here’s what lawyers say | The Malay Mail
21.7.2020Editor of book that besmirched Jata Negara did not flee, been in Australia since January, says cops | The Star
8.7.2020Immigration D-G’s threat to revoke foreign national’s passes over negative statements ‘extreme’ but legal, says lawyers | The Malay Mail
18.5.2020Tommy Thomas Disputes Claim of Involvement in Riza Aziz Decision | BFM
2.3.2020Umno men on trial may see charges dropped | The Sun Daily
15.2.2019Group lauds High Court ruling freeing paintball markers of arms tag | The Malay Mail
14.7.2018New Horizons: Innovation and the legal profession | The Edge Markets