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Izwa Ahmad did this piece for me. You can check out her profile at Vallette Gallery here. She hails from Kuala Kangsar and is a Fine Art graduate from UiTM Shah Alam. She is accommodating and a pleasure to work with.

In what I call the ‘true artist’s approach’, she didn’t consult me about the visual and simply sent me her work when it was done. I am pleased that thus far I have not been disappointed by any of the artists that have taken such an approach.

She is was introduced to me by Syed Wafa after I asked him to recommend me an artist to work with. He send me a few of her previous work and I immediately knew I needed to commission a piece from her. Below are the samples of her work Wafa sent to me to persuade me. I was quickly persuaded.

Wafa is an artful art aficionado with excellent taste. He has a tiktok channel @wafacri8s where he has created videos about his visits to art exhibitions or reviews. It is called Itu & Ini Art-talks and I think them brilliant. I don’t have tiktok so I catch them off his Instagram here.

What I like about Wafa’s series is how he introduces me to new artists, stimulates my eyes and provokes all kinds of profound thoughts while he is at it. If you like art, you like your mind provoked and your eyes to see beautiful things, check Wafa out.

I love Izwa’s art because of the reality she seeks to introduce into her work; and that is the beauty of reality – we are all not good looking models living curated perfection on social media.

I love how the adults and children are indistinguishable in their representation in Izwa’s works. It suggests Izwa sees adults as just larger sized kids with more wrinkles and issues, which if so, I entirely agree. I also love how much detail there is about their faces. Izwa shows our warts and wrinkles and in doing so, she keeps things real despite her stylized work.

I am delighted how Izwa captures the sense of invasiveness of these phone scammers. Even though they are far away, their effect on the victims are palpably close and thoroughly invasive. The face in the window represents the distance of the conman from his victim – outside the house, indicating outside of the victim’s society. The creeping hand close to the telephone line represents the closeness and invasiveness of their fraudulent acts.

The smashed windows and the messy house show the personal and deep effects their fraud has on the victim’s home which represents their internal life. A fraud on the phone has just a deep as impact on our lives as a fraudster in front of us.

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