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Jun Kit was recommended to me by a friend who saw my call out for artists on social media.

I checked out his portfolio and liked the impressionistic feel of his art. I particularly liked his logo designs – I had come across the Queer Lapis design before and thought it very clever. It was only then that I knew Jun Kit was the artist. Incidentally, he was also commissioned to the LoyarBurok Training logo design, which I liked too.

Jun Kit’s pieces are thoughtful and his art has a casual impressionistic vibe to them.

For this piece, he gave me 4 options to work with. You can check out those options below:

My initial order of preference was Option 1, Option 4, Option 3, and Option 2. However, I felt Option 1 was rather conventional and reminiscent of the Not Risking Death piece.

I finally went with the paneled option for three reasons. It was unusual, I love comics and thought it would be cool to have a panel of images like a comic book. None of the commissioned artists had proposed it yet.

I am very pleased with the finished piece in Jun Kit’s inimitable style.

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