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Ask the right source | From the Atelier

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From the Atelier

Razie Alfiedan was commissioned for this piece. He wrote in after he saw my call out for artists on LinkedIn. I am glad he did. Razie is versatile, thoughtful, generous, and easy to work with. I like his easy simple style. Razie received acclaim several years ago when he put a painting for sale of the dramatic rescue of a boy during the earthquake on Mount Kinabalu in 2015.

Razie’s piece sets a cozy environment for the discussion that follows. I like how even though Razie has never been to my office balcony, he captures the sense of it well, especially in the evening. I like how the sheaf of papers emerges out of the cigarette smoke that meanders upwards and carries on with its flight path, and that last paper gives the outline of one of the many template CVs sent out these days. I appreciate his restrained use of colour to intensify the warmth of the scene.

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